Slomo Drags

Equal Parts Pop Gold and Noisy Guitar Irreverence



WHO ARE slomo drags?


Slomo Drags is an Austin, Texas based rock band. 
Vocal harmonies, intricate musical composition, a love of pop music and energetic, polished live performance- the band makes a habit of entertainment. 
Self-titled Debut EP available now! 

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"This is a damn fine piece of pop music that both references and transcends the extensive history of the Venn diagram crossover between pop and indie rock, and it's one of the most thoroughly remarkable and enjoyable records out yet this year in Austin." -The Deli

" (4/5 stars) Meticulous, ever-evolving song structures define Slomo Drags’ sophomore EP, Going Out of Business. Channeling rock greats like Queen, T. Rex and Big Star, this quintet adds an edge of distorted indie pop to craft fresh tunes that balance polish and grit while hearkening back to an age of big arena rock anthems." -Austin Monthly 

"Austin’s Slomo Drags know how to twist a seemingly simple riff or lyric into a mind bending display of musicianship." -KUTX

"The songwriting is tongue-in-check clever without being precious, whip-smart and tight without being antiseptic. The most convincing reason why I should still care about indie rock in the last few years." -Tome To The Weather Machine

"Ah yeah- front man with the glasses, right? You guys sound like a sinister ELO" -Some English Record Producer Who May Not Have Watched the Set